10 Encouraging Signs

1. The city-wide prayer initiative is becoming a prayer movement...Unstoppable!

2. The cry for revival in the city (7 yrs 24/7) and at NWF (one year 10pm-4am twice a week) is reaching historic proportions...God is answering!

3. Prodigals are being radically transformed & set in the place of prayer...More will return!

4. Lost are being born again into the place of prayer...Saved into a fiery praying church!

5. Children are being discipled in the place of prayer like never before...World-changing prayers arising from our little ones!

6. The vision of 24/7 houses of prayer north, south, east and west (in greater Austin) is becoming a real possibility as the church is awakened...it's the stated goal of a growing number in our city!

7. A growing remnant of pastors & believers are setting their life focus to see revival...sowing their very lives for city-transformation!

8. Believers are making bold steps to transition their own homes into houses of prayer...Overflowing into the neighborhoods!

9. Loving God wholeheartedly is becoming the unified theme of this move of God...Seeing & seeking God's face our driving passion!

10. Love for believers and for the lost is beginning to overflow from the place of prayer...Compassion is shown through tangible love in the streets!