December 2014 Theme: The Gift

Toddler – K

December’s theme is called “The Gift”. The children will learn that even though they receive many gifts at Christmas, Jesus is the greatest gift of all, and He’s the reason for celebrating Christmas. In our American culture of materialism, even children in Christian families can get caught up in thinking that Christmas is only about getting toys. Other adults can inadvertently support this idea by asking the kids if they had a “big Christmas” or “good Christmas” referring to the number of gifts they got. Our goal is to exalt Christ in the minds of the children, with the prayer that all other gifts will pale in comparison.

1st Grade- 6th Grade

Week 1: The Gift of Grace 
Grace is the undeserved, unearned favor of God. The children should understand the Grace available to them in Jesus.

Week 2:The Gift of Peace
Jesus gives peace that surpasses understanding. It’s more than an absence of fear; it’s completion and wholeness in Him.

Week 3:The Gift of Joy
 Joy is greater than happiness because it doesn’t depend on circumstances. The children will learn His joy is with them through good times and bad.

Week 4: The Gift of Love
Love is misunderstood in our world, so we want the children to realize God’s love for them, and let that love go back to God and flow out to others.