January 2015 Theme: Creation

Toddler – K

January’s theme is called “Creation”. The children will learn that God created everything for His glory and for our good. Our goal is to make them familiar with creation week, and the order of those first seven days. We are impressing upon them that Genesis is a true, literal history recorded for us to know our origins. 

1st Grade- 6th Grade

Week 1: In the Beginning
We're kicking off the year reflecting on the blessings we received during the holiday and what we're trusting God for in the coming year.

Week 2: The Power of God's Word
The kids will understand that God created the universe and everything in it by His Word. They will learn that our words can be powerful, too, so all our words must glorify God.

Week 3: Seperating Light from Dark
One of God's first creative works was to separate light from dark. The kids will learn that just as God doesn't let light and dark mix, neither should we.

Week 4: The Trinity
The three persons of the Godhead can be seen even in Genesis 1 at creation, and the children will be exposed to this elemental truth of Christianity.