March 2015 Theme: How's Your Soil?

Toddler – K

March’s theme is called “How's Your Soil?”. The whole month, we will focus on the parable of the different soils found in Matthew 13, Mark 4 and Luke 8. This month's Bible story for Pre-K is about the miracles of Jesus. It's a great prelude to next month when they learn about Jesus' resurrection.

1st Grade- 6th Grade

Week 1: The Hard Path

The path is hard soil that seed cannot penetrate, just as the Word of God cannot penetrate a hardened heart. Kids will pray for softened hearts.

Week 2: The Shallow Soil
The shallow soil allows a seed to sprout quickly, yet the little plant withers away before any fruit is produced. A shallow heart will receive the Word with joy, but will soon wither under any persecution or suffering. Kids will pray for spiritual depth.

Week 3: The Thorny Soil
Thorny soil chokes out a tender plant, preventing any fruit from forming, just as the cares of this world choke out our spiritual fruit. Kids will pray for hearts that are clear for the Lord.

Week 4: The Good Soil
Good soil receives seed and produces an abundant crop. Children will learn how Jesus wants us to have a heart like good soil and produce lots of spiritual fruit for His Kingdom.