May 2015 Theme: Holiness

Toddler – K

May’s theme is called “Holiness”. The children will learn about what it means to live a life set apart for the Lord, and how the Holy Spirit gives us power to live holy. This month's Bible story for Pre-K is Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus. He went from being an angry, evil man to being a holy man of God!

1st Grade- 6th Grade

Week 1: The Eye is the Lamp 
Jesus taught that the eye is the lamp to the body, but what does that really mean? We're going to dig in to God's Word and learn about filling our lives with His light.

Week 2: Taming the Tongue
Controlling our words is practically impossible; the Bible even says so in the book of James. However, with the Lord's help, all things are possible. 

Week 3: Your Body is His Temple
When we accept Christ, the Holy Spirit comes and makes His home in us. We're going to dig into the Bible to learn about this great truth and what it means for everyday life.

Week 4: We Have the Mind of Christ
Our thoughts are one thing we can never escape, and thoughts that are not yielded to the Lord can wreak havoc in a person's life. We will search Scripture to learn how God wants us to have His thoughts.