November 2014 Theme: KiDS in the Bible (Video)

KiDS in the Bible

Kids in the Bible- NWF KiDS November 2014 from Ten Talents Academy on Vimeo.


Toddlers- K

November’s theme is titled, “I can give to Jesus.” Children naturally feel looked down upon (both metaphorically and physically), and we want them to understand how much God values their love, worship, prayer and gifts.
Jesus used a small child to illustrate the kind of heart that can enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18:3). In all of us, God is searching for a heart that is humble, dependent and obedient, not one that’s powerful or able. Let’s bring these little children to Jesus, just as the parents did in Matthew 19. Then, let’s get out of the way and let them bring their little offerings of love and worship to Jesus, and watch what happens as He multiplies it.

1st Grade- 6th Grade

Week 1: Hosanna KiDS
This week your child will learn how children praised Jesus, and how God teaches children to praise.
Bible Story: Matthew 21:15-16 – The children Shout Hosanna

Week 2: A Boy’s Offering to JesusThis week your child will learn that they can give to Jesus, and He will multiply their offering and make it go far beyond what any person could imagine.
Bible Story:

Week 3: Who is Greatest
This week your child will how God views greatness in His Kingdom. A repentant, humble and dependent heart goes farther in the eyes of God than anything else.
Bible Story:

Week 4: Let the Children Come
This week, we will talk about Jesus stopped everything He was doing to hold and bless the children.Bible Story: