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Philip Mantofa - Letting The Children Come: 11/17/14 - 11/22/14 (Listen Online)

Parents: This week, we will talk about Jesus stopped everything He was doing to hold and bless the children. The disciples thought the children were unimportant, but Jesus rebuked them and proved His point by moving everyone else aside for His kids. ...

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A Powerful Prayer: 11/10/14 - 11/15/14 (Listen Online)

Parents: This week your child will how God views greatness in His Kingdom. A repentant, humble and dependent heart goes farther in the eyes of God than anything else. ...

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Miles Eckhart - A Simple Gift: 11/03/14 - 11/08/14 (Listen Online)

Parents: This week your child will learn that they can give to Jesus, and He will multiply their offering and make it go far beyond what any person could imagine. There are many kinds of gifts we can bring, both physical and spiritual. God deserves the absolute best, no matter what the offering....

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Kamal Nepali-Going Where No Man Can Go:10/26/14-11/01/14 (Listen Online)

Parents:This week your child will learn how children praised Jesus, and how God teaches children to praise. The humble children saw Jesus for who He was, while the educated Pharisee's argued with the Son of God. In the country of Nepal, there's a popular tourist city with a river running through it. The river has cut deep into the mountain, carving a home for itself deep ...

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