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Cadyn and the Car Accident: 9/18-9/23

Parents: This Sunday, your child will learn the basic truth that God wants them to know His voice. God spoke to people of all ages throughout Biblical history, and today is no different. They will learn what it means to see and hear God with their hearts by moving in the child-like faith God has given them. A little over a year ago, the Carroll family was in a car acciden...

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God’s Little Artist: 10/6/14-10/11/14

Parents: This Sunday, the children will learn about special ways that God speaks to His people, as in visions and dreams. The Bible gives many amazing examples of the Lord speaking this way, and it's a wonderful reminder that the power of the Holy Spirit is just as active today as it was in the first century Church. When Akiane was three years old, she began having vision...

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George Meuller- Transformed by the Word: 9/15-9/20

Parents: This Sunday, your child will learn some wonderful truths about God's Word. They will learn it is without error and the absolute authority on Truth. They will also learn that God speaks to His people through His Word, and that they can hear His voice in their hearts as they study the Bible.George Mueller (born 1805 died 1898) is remembered as a man of prayer. God ...

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Sister Li and the Earthquake: 9/22/14 - 9/27/14

Parents: This Sunday , your child will learn about the nature of God's voice. He is powerful and mighty, yet gentle and loving. Many times, when we "hear" God, it is a gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, guiding us in the right direction. In China during the 1950's, there was a great persecution sweeping through the church. Pastor Li was a man living in south...

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The Pure Milk: 9/29/14 - 10/4/14

Parents: This Sunday, we will be talking about how God protects us and guides us. A simple analogy is the "red light, green light" game. The Lord gives simple, clear words, impressions or feelings to guide us through all the situations of life. In Kenya, a country in Africa, there lived a mean man who did not love God and did many things God hated. He used dark power agai...

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God’s Messenger: 10/13/14 - 10/17/14

Parents: This week your child will learn that God sometimes speaks to us through other people. They will also learn that it's important to take everything that is said and test it with the Word of God and prayer. Jesse was a hyper seven-year old boy that loved taking risks and having fun. Sometimes, his high energy would get him into trouble, but he was a sweet little boy...

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