Creation - The Trinity: 01/12/15 - 01/17/15

Parents, we're starting off the new year learning about creation. This week, we're focusing on the Trinity, and how God can be seen in all three Persons from the beginning.


A few years ago, a well-known pastor and teacher was at home working on his front lawn. Two people approached him and started talking to him about God. However, they were not Christians, they were part of a different religion called Jehovah’s Witness. People in this religion do not believe that Jesus is God, and they do not believe in the Holy Spirit as a Person. They reject what we Christians call the Trinity, meaning there is one God in three Persons.

The pastor quickly realized who they were and was happy to talk to them. He wanted to take every opportunity to talk to others about Jesus. After listening to them talk, he shared about prayers that God had answered for him, how Jesus changed his life and how he had encountered God through reading the Bible.

“That’s your problem,” said one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. “You’re reading the Bible by yourself. You need one of our leaders to interpret the Bible for you.”

“See, that’s your problem,” the pastor responded. “You’re depending on someone else to tell you what God is saying to you, and this is your eternity in the balance. Your salvation depends on knowing and believing the Truth. If you want to know God for yourself, you should read the Bible for yourself and listen to what it says to your heart.”

As the pastor was re-telling this story at a church, he pointed out that it is important for us to learn from teachers and pastors, and study the Bible together so we don’t get wrong ideas about scripture. However, the relationship that each person has with God is one on one. God wants you to know Him for yourself, not through someone else. The Holy Spirit will speak to you personally through the Bible, and in other ways.

Jesus had a similar problem with some religious leaders of His time. They read the scriptures and knew the prophecies about the Messiah, but they refused to believe in Jesus, and they had many wrong ideas about God. Jesus said to them one day, “You search the scriptures because you think they give you eternal life, but the scriptures point to Me!” (John 5:39) As the first chapter of John points out, Jesus is the Word of God made into a human (John 1:1 & 1:14). So, Jesus is God. He became one of us, a human being, and allowed His flesh to die on the cross for our sins. Then, He was raised back to life, and His body will never die again! That’s the life we have in Him. Our bodies may die for now, but one day we will live forever with Him.

"Then God said, 'Let Us make man in Our image, to be like Us.'" Genesis 1:26



Genesis 1 |  Where it all began



1. Discuss some other scriptures that mention Jesus as being God. (Philippians 2:5-11 ; Colossians 1:15-20)

2. What are some loving and gentle ways to share the truth of Jesus being God with those that don't believe?