The Gift of Grace: 12/1/14 - 12/6/14(Listen Online)

Parents: This month, children will learn about the wonderful gift God has given us in Jesus. The focus this week will be on the gift of His grace. We did not deserve for God the Son to humble Himself and join humanity, but He did it because of His love.

In the old days, getting punished at school was a lot worse than today. In one particular school, the punishment for fighting was getting your knuckles slapped with a belt. It hurt and would make your hands swell and bruise. There was a boy at this school who got in trouble all the time for picking fights with other kids. He was always mean and angry, and he didn’t care about the punishment, no matter how painful it was.

One day, he started a fight with another boy on the playground because he didn’t like the way the boy was looking at him. He punched the boy and shoved his face in the sandbox. The teacher grabbed him and pulled him into the principal’s office. The principal wasn’t surprised to see him, and the troublemaker was ready for his usual punishment. With a defiant look on his face he puffed out his chest and said, “Go ahead, I can take whatever you dish out. I always have!”

The principal looked at him carefully and asked the teacher, “What did he do this time?” The teacher told him all the ugly details about the fight and the sandbox. The boy was clearly proud of what he had done and had no intention of saying sorry. He made an angry face and said to the principal, “If I could, I’d shove your face into something right now!”

The teacher was about to grab the boy, but the principal stopped him. He looked at the boy and said, “Today, young man, you’re going to learn about grace.” The boy looked confused, so the principal explained. “Grace means you’re not going to get what you so richly deserve.”

The boy thought this meant he would get away without any punishment, but the principal explained that there had to be a punishment. Breaking the rules always had a consequence. “I knew it!” the boy said, scoffing. He held out his fists for the whipping as the principal told the teacher to get the belt. “You’re going to count the hits,” the principal told the boy, then he got up from his desk and went over to the boy, kneeling beside him and gently pushing down his hands.

The principal put his hands out where the boy’s had just been and told the teacher to begin. The boy jumped with shock as the belt cracked down on the principal’s knuckles. His voice shook as he counted off the whips…one, two, three, each one making him jump. Finally, he couldn’t take any more. “No, stop!” he said. “It was my fault. I should be the one punished!” But the whipping continued until the boy was crying. Finally, it stopped and the principal gently wiped the boy’s tears with his red, swollen hands. “Now, you understand grace,” he said.

This month, we celebrate the birth of Jesus because it’s the time when God joined us, becoming a human. He took our place of punishment on the cross, giving us the gift of Grace. That’s why Christmas is such a wonderful time. It’s when the Grace of God came to the earth.

"For a child is born to us,
a son is given to us.
The government will rest on his shoulders.
And he will be called:
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6 

Luke 1:5-38 | An announcement of Grace

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2. Was there ever a time when you had to show grace toward someone?