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HOPE Homeless Ministry

Twice a month you can have the opportunity to join our outreach team as they prepare and deliver meals to the homeless all over Austin. Our food pantry is also available to serve local families in the area. If you have a passion to bring hope and encouragement to those that have none, this is a perfect ministry for you!
Rey and Julie Flores:

6th St Prayer Team
Why not be a light in one of the darkest parts of our city? Our 6th St prayer team is powerful and effective and ministering to those in their need. Come see the city through the eyes of Christ and learn just how easy evangelism can be!

Pro-Life Ministries
We are actively and passionately pro-life! If the church does not radically stand up for the unborn children and the women being victimized by abortion, then who will? From praying outside of abortion clinics to offering post-abortion recovery classes, you will find us engaged on all fronts of this struggle for justice. Email us about how you can get connected.
Marti Robertson:
Denise Lansford:

UT International Students Ministry
The University of Texas is home to some of the largest international student groups in the nation. Is God leading you to connect to this global generation around the globe? They are right here in Austin! To learn how you can get involved, contact the Evans below.
Daniel and Karen Evans:

Global Missions
From Mexico to Turkey to Japan and beyond we are expanding the borders of our church by partnering with missionaries all around the globe. Have a heart for missions? What is God calling you to do, where is he calling you to go?
Trey Kent: