The Forge

The Forge is a weekly gathering of young adults who desire to grow in community, in unity, and in their spiritual walk. We want to be forged in the fire by God, as He molds us into the men and women He has purposed for us to be. Come join us for fellowship, worship, Bible reading, and prayer.

Forge Leaders


Nick Gamez

Young Adult Pastor

Nick is a born and raised Texas boy. From Abilene to Beaumont, and finally to the great city of Austin, TX, Nick has been on a journey for a real life-changing experience. After a long battle of waging war in the world, God led Nick to Northwest to find that life-changing experience, Jesus! After being radically changed and experiencing Jesus in the truest way, Nick ran hard after God with the calling of leadership and encouragement. On the way, God saw that Nick should not continue down this path alone and put in his life the next best thing other than Jesus, his beautiful, encouraging, strong wife Christina. It was love at first sight (for Nick at least). Now with his helper, Nick leads the young adults and youth groups with a passion for prayer, worship, reading God’s word and great community. Nick enjoys spending time with God, relaxing with his bride, reading new books, BBQ-ing, ultimate frisbee, playing guitar, listening to music, and the great outdoors. Nick and Christina are looking forward to the arrival of their first baby in May of 2017.

IMG_5429Hillary Holley

Forge Leader

I'm Hillary Holley. 
Mom of 4. 
Wife of Stephen. 
Daughter of the king. 
(Not in that order) 
Young adults ministry because my generation is desperately looking to fill the void with anything masquerading as the answer. I've personally tried every way imaginable so I know the ONLY answer is Jesus.