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This t-shirt says everything I want you to know today. It speaks and beckons you to know the one great truth.
When you wake up with messy hair and swollen eyes, God is crazy about you. When you’re wondering where your friends have gone, God is crazy about you. After that job interview that seemed fruitless, God is crazy about you. In the midst of a loveless and lonely marriage, God is crazy about you. When singleness seems to be the albatross around your neck, God is crazy about you. When you’ve fallen again to that heartbreakingly familiar sin, God is crazy about you. And... when you’ve prayed, begged and claimed all kinds of promises to seemingly no avail, hold tight to this one hope and reality, God is always, irrefutably and unconditionally crazy in love with you.
Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. God is never crazy. He is, in fact, the most rationally sane being in the universe. He isn’t needy or empty without you. He has and, in fact, IS everything he needs. He simply loves you. He created you to love you. He sent his only Son to die on the cross to LOVE you. He sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in you because He loves you. If you have invited him to bring His love to you though Jesus, you can rest assured that God loves you. Yes! God is crazy about you.
I don’t know what you will face today or what obstacles will threaten your heart’s security, but I do know this: God is crazy about you! If I could give you this t-shirt to wear over your heart, I would. I would invite you to wear it all day and look in the mirror often. I would ask you to wear it to the grocery store, to your place of work and all over your neighborhood. I would hope that it would be a reminder to you that God is always and unconditionally crazy about you. I would ask you to share this message with everyone who questions you about the unusual message on your shirt. This empty and broken world needs to hear and see and know the message, “God is Crazy About You.” They are longing to know that there is a way to enter into this crazy-wonderful love and his name is JESUS!
People who know me well understand that I’m not much of a t-shirt girl. All 5 feet of me is pitifully swallowed up in most of them. I have, however, ordered this shirt and can’t wait to wear it! I don’t even care if it looks good. It will fit me perfectly just as it fits you perfectly. The shirt may drape my shrimpy frame awkwardly, but the message fits well always. All day and every day, God is crazy about you. With or without the shirt, wear this truth proudly and share it often. GOD is CRAZY ABOUT YOU!!!
I love you!
Mary Anne


Angela Dolbear - August 13th, 2020 at 11:02am

Beautifully said! An excellent reminder that God's love for me is intensely constant!

Bridget Brame - August 13th, 2020 at 11:51am



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