A Pastor’s Heart

Honor those who Govern

Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor. 1 Peter 2:17

These four commands of scripture will revolutionize our lives if both understood and obeyed. Honor everyone.  Honor means to esteem, value at a price, or reverence.  Biblically it is considering others as more important than ourselves.  Love your brothers and sisters.  This is seeking the highest good of others through Christ.  Fear God.  Stand in holy awe of our God is what is being communicated here.  Honor the emperor.  This is the greatest challenge of them all and seems counterintuitive to our normal way of thinking.  Reverence your leaders, your president, mayor, or governor as someone appointed by God and pray for their success in governing wisely.

Father, today we have lost our sense of honor.  At this moment I begin to honor You, reverence You and esteem You above all.  I esteem and submit to Your perfect Word, even when I do not fully understand it.  Enable me and your people to honor everyone.  Forgive me now for the specific ways I have dishonored others in word and deed.  Empower me to love my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Give me specific ways to both treasure them and practical ways to serve them in this season.  I cry out today for holy Fear of God to be brought back to Your church.  Teach us to trust you with all our hearts and to lean not on our own understanding.  May the awe of You and Your Name take root in Your people so we once again will be known as those who fear You.  You know we live in a season when dishonor is far more common than honor.  And, to honor those who lead us as president, mayor, and the governor seems insincere and tainted with evil.  Forgive me and forgive us for villainizing those you’ve placed in office and those who are running for office.  Give us the gift of honor, so we can learn to esteem even those we disagree with by displaying Your love and grace towards them in word and deed.  Right that which is wrong in me, in my family, community, and city.  Display honor and grace through my life and choices today.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Prayer Points
1.  Seek forgiveness for any and all dishonor of others.
2.  Ask God to give you tangible love to display toward His people.  Ask for a specific assignment today.
3.  Plead with God that Fear of His name will be restored to you, your family, church, and community.
4.  Request power and grace to display honor for our president, your governor, and mayor today.
5.  Intercede for your church and community to experience and live a life of honor for others.

Obedience to the will of God is the pathway to perpetual honor and everlasting joy.
-Charles Spurgeon

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