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Let’s Celebrate

In the Minor Prophets, you have the prophet (and book) Habakkuk.

What I love about Habakkuk is that he is not afraid to express his heart to God. He tells him his frustration with the “injustice” and “wrongdoing” (1:3) that was going on, and it seemed that God was not doing anything about it anytime soon. He also expresses his worries about the Chaldeans (the Babylonians) who were coming in to invade and take the nation of Judah into captivity (1:14-17)

Both times God responds.

But flash forward to the end of the prophet’s proclamation, he states something that has blown my mind away. It reads as the following:

16 I heard, and I trembled within; my lips quivered at the sound. Rottenness entered my bones; I trembled where I stood. Now I must quietly wait for the day of distress to come against the people invading us. 17 Though the fig tree does not bud and there is no fruit on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though the flocks disappear from the pen and there are no herds in the stalls, 18 yet I will celebrate in the Lord; I will rejoice in the God of my salvation! 19 The Lord my Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like those of a deer and enables me to walk on mountain heights!

Habakkuk knows that his people and himself are about to go into captivity under the Babylonians. At some point in the near future, he knows that God will eventually restore Judah and dismantle the Babylonians. But what he doesn’t know is when. So how does he respond to this mystery?

He celebrates.

He celebrates IN the Lord.

And even during these challenging days, we should be doing the same thing. Think about this for a moment:

•Jesus has told us in the Bible the world is going to get worse. I think we can see that already.
•But at the same time, we know He is coming back for His people, His bride, the church.
•And what puts us in the same scenario as Habakkuk is that we don’t know when. We know He is coming, but He hasn’t told us. The only thing He tells us is to be ready.

So what do we do this?

Well, we celebrate.

We celebrate IN the Lord just as Habakkuk did.

We can celebrate in Jesus because

1.Jesus is faithful in keeping His word
2.Jesus has made it possible for us to have eternal life for all who believe
3.Jesus has broken the chains and bondages of sin
4.Jesus has conquered death once and for all
5.Jesus has made it possible for us to be brought back into a right relationship with God the father.
6.Jesus is still with us, through the Holy Spirit, whom He sent and said it was better if He goes so the Spirit could come.
7.And most importantly, Jesus is coming back.

I want to invite you today, despite the world falling apart, to celebrate IN Jesus, just as He celebrates over you.

Be blessed today.

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