Don't Settle For The Easy Way Out

When was the last time you read the account of The Red Sea? Where God takes the Hebrew nation out from under the cruel oppression from the Egyptians and Pharaoh, and leads them to the promised land?

This is seriously what I love about the Bible.

True story; I was reading Exodus this morning to catch up on my one-year plan that I am technically behind in. I am still reading daily. I pray through the Psalms and just finished up a very soft, but still intensive study of Romans and am off to my next book of the Bible.

As I was finishing up chapter 13 and read through all of 14, God met me. It’s for this reason that I made the statement early “this is what I love about the Bible”. When you read, even when you’re catching up on a one-year reading plan, but read to still know God, He meets you.

There were two places specifically where God met me. First, when He was leading them out of Egypt. He could have taken them out by a nearby road where the Philistines were, but God knew that if He did that, the people would be afraid. So He takes them through a longer path instead. The second place is where the Egyptians were closing in on the Hebrews. As Scriptures states, there was a pillar of a cloud and a pillar of fire that led the Hebrews day and night. The pillar of cloud went from the front of the Hebrews to behind them and stood in the gap between them and the Egyptians.

And here are the two things God met me with that I think are for us today:

1. We naturally want the easy way out. But the easy way out is not always the best route, and God knew this. He knew that the Hebrews would have been afraid of going the “easy route” next to the neighboring Philistine areas, so He led them on a long journey but it was safer for them. Now I’m not saying that God won't ever provide an easy way out for us, but what I’m saying is that I think God uses the longer, more seemingly challenging routes in our lives to display His wonders for us, which leads me to my second thought…

2. One of the greatest wonders God displays for us is how He fights our battles for us. But He just doesn’t go in front of us, He also goes BEHIND us. As the Egyptians were closing in on the Hebrews, God whips around in the pillar of cloud and intervenes for them. Because think about it, a lot of times we can get caught up in the fight in front of us and forget about the sneak attack from behind. But God intervenes. He has our front, and he has our back. 

Today, know this;

Jesus fights for you, in all directions. Not only that, He has already won the war. So, don’t settle for the easy way out of the fight. Take up your cross today and go down the road less traveled. But as you journey down it, watch God do wonders in your life. 



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