What is the Bible?

For the most part, the Bible today is looked down upon solely because it doesn't necessarily conform to the trends and progression of culture and society. So, if it isn't pushed aside due to lack of relevance for the would-be reader's life, then it's reinterpreted to fit the ideologies and feelings of the post-modern world.

But the Bible is actually so much more. The message of the Bible has never changed and need not to be changed because it is exactly what God has intended its readers to not only enjoy, but embrace His words and truth.

So what is the Bible exactly?

The Bible is, in short...

  • Trustworthy and reliable. This is not just in light of the Christian's view, but also has been proven to be trustworthy and reliable from a secular perspective through process of textual Criticism (a method that is used to determine the trustworthiness and reliability of ancient texts, which the Bible stands alone as sole winner)

  • Not full of errors or contradictions. If you look at these so called claims, in the end, you come to see that the acclaimed errors or contradictions are not what they seem to be. Most importantly, they don't change the overall message. The message of the Bible stays the SAME.

  • Lastly, it is the life source of the Christian. It is how we communicate with God. While He still has the power to speak audibly, or in many other miraculous ways, the Bible is the best way you will hear and communicate with Him. He has given us His written word. The more you read to know Him, the more He responds. 

Plainly put, if the Bible is not what it claims to be, then Jesus isn't who He said He was, and the Christian faith is void. But the good news is God has throughout the centuries preserved His perfect Word. He has, in His Word, given us "everything required for life and godliness" (2 Peter 1:3)

If you want to hear God today, turn to he Bible. Let His words penetrate the deepest parts of you hearts, and bring healing and restoration to your souls.  

- Nick

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