Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

In attempting to meet any of the following key needs we recognize that all human efforts are futile without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We must remain a community that seeks first a relationship with our Father in Heaven and obedience to Jesus and His word. Only then will we be confident in applying strategies that seek to mend the brokenness in our city. We believe that if an environment is created that excels in meeting these 6 key needs then we can become and remain the healthy, fruit-bearing community God desires us to be.

The Vision

We exist In the City for the City! We are a part of a growing number of churches in Austin who believe we exist to see our city transformed by Jesus Christ. We believe this starts with prayer and results in God initiated acts of justice. Justice is when God gets what God wants! We believe Jesus died and rose again to see Austin become a city transformed by His love and by His justice. At Northwest Fellowship we are about raising up an army of love who will pray and work for city transformation. Each member of the Church is a unique part of God's plan to see the city of Austin become a city of a hill shining out God's love and truth!

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