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At 423 we are passionate about leading and building up the next generation of disciples for Christ. John 4:23 talks about a time that is coming where Christians will worship Jesus "in spirit and in truth." We want to help show the youth of Austin what it truly means to worship Jesus like this. 423 is our weekly youth group for 7th-12th graders to come together, have fun, laugh, worship, and understand the truth behind this scripture and so much more.
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Meet the team.

Meet the team that serves the youth!

Nick Gamez

Youth Pastor
Just as I have a passion to see my generation become leaders, I also have a desire to see the generation after I become radical, transformed followers of Jesus. My heart is to see this next generation know who and where their identity comes from, why they were created, and what their purpose in life is, which all starts and ends with Jesus.

Kevin Robertson

HS Guys Leader
From a young age Kevin’s family had been attending Northwest Fellowship. In 2016 Kevin has felt called to full time ministry at Northwest Fellowship starting by working with the youth ministry and as the facility manager. He feels a call to be a pastor/preacher and is currently getting a Bachelor’s of Science in Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute online. Kevin also leads the Thursday Night Prayer and Worship meetings as well as hosting other events held at Northwest Fellowship.

Shannon Glover

HS Guys Leader
I am in youth ministry because there is a need. Students are the future. They need role models in their lives, they  need to be invested in, they need consistency. It's one of the hardest, most often over looked and most under appreciated ministries in the church, but it's also one of the most rewarding. We may never see the results, it may not take effect until they are in college... but I believe in helping lay a foundation for their lives. 

Noah Scibana

MS and HS Guys Leader
Growing up in the church, Noah felt the impact of how youth group and events molded his faith from a young age. His desire is to be part of that impact for this generation and guide them towards Jesus in a time that points away from Him. 

Lee James

MS Guys Leader
It's important for young people, especially teenagers, to have people around them and in the church who they can look up to and ask any questions about God they may have. I'm not perfect, but I am willing to be an example of God's grace! 

Nate Baranowski

MS Guys Leader
I look back at my earliest encounters with the Gospel and they were some of the most critical moments that would impact the course of my whole life. I believe that God has called me to share the same message of hope and freedom through Jesus Christ with this next generation and to show our youth the way that they should go, so when they are older they will not depart from it. 

Lilly Scibana

MS and Freshman Girls Leader
Lilly has been hanging out with the youth since 2018. Lilly's passion seeing the next generation learn God's word and live a life of worship and devotion to Jesus. Teenage years can be the hardest, most confusing and fundamental years of someones life. The heart of youth ministry is walking alongside students and their parents to see students become the next leaders. We want to see these students far surpass us in every way. It is an honor and a joy to walk alongside our students. 

Keli Moreno

HS Girls Leader
I'm Keli. A lover of Jesus, proud mama of my daughter, Jayla, but once a very broken teenager. I see a young generation full of potential but lacking encouragement, struggling to find their identity and purpose because they're often looking for their fulfillment from the world. I'm a youth leader because I want to help love the students, and lead them into finding their true and everlasting identity and purpose in Christ. This comes through prayer, devotion, laughs, cries, and quality time. And I enjoy almost every minuet of it! 

Tierra Baranowski

HS Girls  Leader
I joined the youth team after I realized that I had been working with youth for over 8 years, why am I not serving my youth at church?! At first, I did not volunteer myself because I felt I needed to get my life together, but then Nick asked me and I answered the call! I love serving our youth! 

When We Meet

Sunday's at 11am

Join us in the next generation room after worship!

Wednesday's at 7pm

Join us for Jesus, pizza and fun in the next generation room!

Small Groups

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

To learn more about small groups and getting plugged in at 423, please email nick@northwestfellowship.com. 

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