The Forge

"... The generation of those who seek Him..." 

Psalm 24:6

The Forge is a weekly gathering of young adults who desire to grow in community, in unity, and in their spiritual walk. We want to be forged in the fire by God, as He molds us into the men and women He has purposed for us to be. Come join us for fellowship, worship, Bible reading, and prayer.

Meet the team.

Meet the team that serves the young adults ministry!

Nick Gamez

Young Adults Pastor
Growing up, the gifting of leadership on my life was evident. It needed to be radically refined, but I fully believe God has placed this gift in my life. I have a great desire to see my generation of young adults (college, 20’s & 30’s) to become a generation of leaders for Jesus, the church, and our city.

Noah Scibana

Young Adults Leader
As an extrovert, Noah loves community. A large part of his testimony speaks to how Christians can really struggle without it, and being part of the young adults teams an incredible ministry to strengthen our faith amongst one another.

Keli Jimenez

Young Adults Leader
Hola! My name is Keli Jimenez. I am a Forge leader because I know what it's like to be lost and now I know the joy of living for Christ after being found. I strongly believe John 13:35- that they will know we are His disciples by the love we have for one another. At the forge, we live that out. In a generation that seems to lack genuine encouragement, community, and relationships, as his disciples we are called to be different. To be the change. To be set apart. We the Forge, legitimately do life together in the good and hard times. No one is meant to walk alone. 

Lilly Scibana

Young Adults Leader
Before Lilly became a small group leader in Forge, she felt the impact of this Jesus-centered community. Her passion is seeing this generation and the ones after love and worship almighty King Jesus!

Summer Events

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For the summer, mens and womens groups will meet on alternating Tuesday evenings. For more info on locations, please email

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